The biggest challenge of managing remote employees

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated some trends in ultrasound. Covid has been doing what many companies have been planning to do for months. While the few companies that are lucky enough to benefit from this tornado, the others found it difficult to work.

Among these major changes are some megatrends, some of which are listed below.

  1. Business digitalization is now crucial to survival
  2. Remote work
  3. Companies are moving in the Cloud in a huge way
  4. People are beginning to question the value of conventional but very expensive Ivy League colleges.
  5. Much more

While these trends will prevail over time, we focus our attention on remote work and specifically on the challenges that arise around it.

Covid-19 did in Remote Working what the Beatles did on the music scene in the 1960s. In the last 15-18 months Work from home (WFH) or Remote Work is something everyone has heard of.

So as more and more organizations start working permanently from home, the challenges presented are also unique. Especially in the field of recruitment.

The Wisestep team conducted a poll among its users on Primary challenges for Recruiters in remote work.

What is the biggest challenge for Recruiters in remote work?

  1. Sharing CVs with the team
  2. Team productivity
  3. Performance analytics
  4. Data privacy

This is where people say Wisestep Poll.

Wisestep Linkedin survey results

Common recruitment challenges of the remote recruitment process:

We spoke with people who chose the majority option and walked away for many reasons ΔProductivity in remote work has been affected much more. Here is the analysis of what they told us.

1. Recruitment is a social activity:

Hiring as a function inherently requires talking to team members, hiring executives, clients and candidates.

All of them now work remotely or try remote intake. This social element of recruitment falls to others if there is any reduction in productivity in any group of people who need to work together.

2. Availability:

Not all of your partners, Clients or Candidates are available within the same time zone as when working from the office.

You knew you were talking to colleagues and clients during working hours, many of the candidates preferred to talk before or after work or during breaks. This set “Availability rules“Which were synchronized earlier no longer hold.

As team members, customers and candidates manage their time according to their personal situation, the “Availability Rules” are different from the previous ones.

3. Infrastructure:

What used to be a quick chat over coffee to schedule the day has now become a Zoom call or a google meeting, with companion, computer, internet or webcam topics. A 5-minute coffee chat is now a 15-minute Google meeting, to bring everyone to the same virtual meeting.

4. Use of recruitment software:

Not every recruiting team or recruiting professional uses a candidate source or effective Applicant tracking software. For them, they monitor and manage all their activities and share that with their team they create additional work that would not have happened earlier.

Applicant tracking systems and Automation recruitment program automate many processes such as,

  • Supply with CV matches supported by AI
  • Continue harvesting with intelligent robots
  • Distribute tasks with a simple click Publish to multiple spreadsheets
  • Mass campaigns with one click on candidates

5. Sharing experiences and resources:

Learning from others was much easier in the office where you could do a quick 5 minute session with a colleague and be on your way. This experience is now a virtual zoom call that only takes 20 minutes to start the installation.

Therefore, the first instinct is to google the solution, to watch some videos that can take much longer than a quick but specific image from your colleague to solve the problem.

6. Distraction on social media:

In the workplace, everyone complained about access to social media, and because everyone was watching everyone else, social media activity was usually limited to what was necessary for work.

However, with work from home, it is very easy to sink into the hole of Social Media and end up “destruction scroll“.

7. The Family Space invades the “In the Zone” Space:

In an entire working day there is a period during which you are «In the beltThis is the most productive part of the day where a large percentage of your work is completed.

If you are distracted while you areIn the belt“It’s a real effort to go back to that and restart. This is a huge attraction. This is much more likely to happen at home when you have children or your family and you have to meet their needs and demands.

If you want to improve Recruiter productivity, sign up Wisestep. You can also contact our sales team by writing to sales [AT] or book a demo with them.


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