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How can you customize your CV for every job?

You have created an impressive and impressive resume (CV or resume), which means there is no need to write anything later?

The answer is of course not correct. Of course, you will have to rewrite your resume a lot, because each person’s work history, skills and experience are not immutable. Not to mention that not all employers want to know all the skills you currently have, so you’ll always have to “reduce” to get the CV the employer is looking for.

However, to have different versions of resumes, don’t confuse writing many different resumes with specials. No one should take the time to write many different CVs. You just need to define yourself precisely and adapt it to the employer’s needs.

To help you understand the importance of resume customization accurately and more specifically, summarized some important notes written by author James Reed in a book called “7 Second Resumes”: How to Ground the Interview? ”(Roughly translated: Background 7 seconds: Way to win the opportunity to meet). Apply and try to apply now!

Why should we set a CV?

It is important to customize your CV if you want to stand out in the eyes of employers. It not only shows you are really interested in the job, but it also helps you prove that your skills and experience are very suitable for the role of the candidate.

After proactively customizing your CV, employers don’t have to spend a lot of time finding links or evaluating whether you are eligible. You have made yourself a bright and potential candidate from the first minute.

CV adjustment also gives the opportunity to influence in the interview. Often, interviewers will rely on the CV to get information and ask more detailed questions. A properly tailored CV means you help your employer focus on items that match your experience.

When should you consider customizing your resume?

You already know why you need to customize your resume. But remember four important things to consider before you start:

I have to accept a little more to edit a valuable CV. Please make sure you spend enough time to submit your profile, do not rush to speed up the process. For a few positions, spending more time and effort will be more effective than sending dozens of documents recklessly.
You don’t have to calibrate your CV all the time. Although it is recommended to edit your resume each time you apply for a new job, this task still depends on the terms and conditions. For example, if you are attending a job show or conference, you should predict the situation you want to apply for, so prepare a general profile. You cannot adjust the perfect version as you want immediately.
You may need to review your resume at least when you are late for your career. There are some employers who think you don’t need to customize your resume too much when you have a lot of relevant experience in the field.
It is likely that you have more than one CV. Customizing your resume means you will have different versions of your resume tailored to a particular type of job. Then you need to carefully consider the process to see which new version of the resume is suitable for submission and which one will attract the most employers.
Which section should be set in the CV?

You do not need to change the content of each component in your resume. Organize the parts that best demonstrate your skills and optimize you to the position.

Recommendations for key areas where you need to focus on customization:

Personal statement (Personal Statement)
Job history
Degrees, certificates and work-related learning process.
Recommendations to customize the CV:

Knowledge research. Do research about the company and the business. Find out exactly what they are looking for in the candidate. Company websites, social networks, blog posts, employer review pages, etc. They are good places to start. Once you fully grasp your company’s values, goals, tone and culture, existing projects and product development plans, you can adjust your resume accordingly. Even use this information to chat in future meetings.

Take advantage of the job description. When it comes to customizing your resume, the job description is “best friend”. Use it to confirm what you should put in your resume and highlight the statements employers care about. Whichever skill or experience is most cited by the employer, highlight it. Also, make sure you always have sufficient qualifications or practical examples to prove your competence.

Give priority to your skills. Once you find out what the employer is looking for, you can prioritize the skills that meet their needs. Eligibility should be emphasized, including the most important qualifications. Help recruiters realize your suitability for the position from the first second.

Connect key information. If you have difficulty determining which part of your experience will be most appreciated by the employer, try writing them on paper. You will receive the appropriate answer by placing a work order as well as your skills and personal experience. Only by combining the requirements with skill can you meet them. Then the skill with the most stitches is the skill that needs to be emphasized the most.

Customizing your resume is annoying task every time you apply for a particular job, because it takes time, but don’t ignore it, because it’s really effective and worth the effort and effort. time. Knowing how to customize your resume helps you show your interest in the job. It shows employers that you are not only suitable for the role, but also enthusiastic about doing so, which increases the likelihood of getting an interview and beyond that, finding a favorite job.


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