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Detailed Digital Marketing job description

Digital marketing is the marketing of products / services with digital technology, especially the Internet. Digital marketing is a valuable and increasingly respected profession associated with the development of the internet. However, digital marketing is broader than Online Marketing or Internet Marketing. Let’s learn the specific job descriptions of Digital Marketing employees in the article below.

With the strong development of digital marketing today, there will be no business problems for highly skilled and qualified personnel. However, this is an industry that requires you to be creative, think fast and catch the latest trends in the market. Moreover, in addition to professional skills, you need to have courage and many other factors to survive. Therefore, the vital skills of a Digital Marketing expert we have introduced, you need to know well what to do to survive in this field. Also, if you dream of becoming a professional Digital Marketing expert, follow our site to learn about the work and skills needed to develop and develop your future career.

I. Digital Marketing staff work

  • Developing and implementing SEO and PPC strategies.
  • Create and manage link building campaigns, content marketing campaigns and social media presence.
  • Develop and deliver new marketing platforms and campaigns.
  • Develop engaging online content such as Clickbait, forums, videos, images, blogs; to monitor and analyze the success of the created content.
  • Estimate the growth of marketing campaigns and the profitability of marketing campaigns.
  • Manage email marketing campaigns and social media.
  • Contact, discuss and hire staff for graphic design, web design, video editing to create unique and attractive content.
  • Use of Google Analytics, Google AdWords and other related sites.
  • Increase traffic to the company’s website.
  • Stay up to date with the latest social media channels, web technologies and Digital Marketing trends; can put new technologies into the campaign formulation and adjust existing campaigns to include new information.

II. Skill and qualification requirements

  • Marketing Licensing, Brand Management and related topics.
  • Working experience in marketing.
  • Communication skills.
  • Leadership.
  • Team work is careful, meticulous and focused on the goal.
  • Information about SEO, PPC, Google AdWords, content management system, InDesign.
  • Fluent Photoshop, Microsoft Office.

III. What you need to become a digital marketing worker

Data analysis: Digital Marketing staff can analyze customer data and develop their marketing strategies through Internet communication channels.
Paid advertising through social networks: Currently, social networks are recognized as a highly effective advertising channel that supports Digital marketing staff to implement product advertising campaigns and improve brand awareness. effect.
Email Marketing: This is an outbound form of marketing, meaning users can communicate with customers who are interested in the products, content, useful information you offer and email.
SEO – Search engine optimization: SEO aims to increase the visibility of the website in the search results of Google search engines. This field consists of 2 parts: free search engine fee or paid click using Google AdWords.
Marketing via social networks: Digital Marketing Online employees must understand how to use and operate different social networks.

Those who continue their Digital Marketing career are always in places where the desire to reach the summit will never stop. All efforts and efforts of Digital Marketing employees aim to be a good Digital Marketing Manager. This person plays an important role in a campaign that contributes to profits and revenues for the company and business. If you want to be a professional Digital Marketing Manager, this is what you need, do not miss the opportunity to progress in your career.


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