Candidate Sourcing: What top recruits say

Countries around the world are being vaccinated at an increasing rate every week. The EU has even started a “Vaccine passportAllowing those who have been vaccinated to enter.

This is a good sign. This means that we are moving towards normalcy. If not immediately, then in the coming months. That means more jobs and more hiring in the coming days. There can be no better news for Recruiters around the world.

But that means Recruiters should bring them A game to work every day. We did a quick poll for the following question with 4 options.

What more does it take for Recruiters Everyday?

  1. Candidate commission
  2. Candidates Phone + Email
  3. Chasing hiring Manager 4 Comments
  4. Creating candidate reports

We opened it and I got an overwhelming response from the hiring community. The Original Survey link is Here . Here is a quick snapshot of the results.

Recruiter Every day Poll

Where do Recruiters spend most of their time each day?

To better understand the results of the survey, we spoke with many employees and here they said why Candidate Sourcing takes up most of their time during the day.

1. Understand the job description:

Before you start hiring candidates, it is important to understand what the hiring manager is looking for. All of these requirements are available in the job description. Therefore, it is extremely important to read the job description and understand the important features that will help you find the right candidate. Important things to understand here are,

  • Job title
  • Skills for the job
  • Location
  • Compensation
  • Time for rent

All of these features are important in helping you define your search and are important reasons why someone may or may not be interested in the job you are hiring.

This activity may take some time for newer recruits as they try to understand the industry and the role of work. For skilled recruiters who have been in the industry for a long time, it usually takes a maximum of 10-15 minutes.

2. Using jobs to help prospective candidates find your job:

The easiest way to bid is often for Recruiters to advertise their jobs so that “interested” candidates can find out about your job and apply. Hiring managers can post jobs on job boards such as Dice, Monster, Linkedin, Careerbuilder and even many industry or country experts. Recruiters often share these jobs on social media such as Facebook, linkin and twitter to candidates.

Posting to as many job boards as possible is usually a good idea to increase the chances that the right candidates will find out about your job.

Advantages and disadvantages of posting ads on worksheets and social networks:

Advantages of publishing ads on a worksheet and on social networks:

  • Your work can be quickly distributed to a large number of people
  • Your job will be visible to people who are actively looking for work
  • Candidates’ responses are usually very fast and maximum requests come in the first few days.

Disadvantages of Posting ads on a worksheet and social networks:

  • Jobs cost money and postings on all job boards cost a lot more money
  • The jobs are valid for a certain period of time and as soon as the first days are over, the applications are reduced to zero.
  • Once published, anyone can apply for a job, whether they are eligible for the job or not. So you can get a lot of answers, but none are good enough to fill your role.
  • If your organization’s name is not well known, then you may not be attracted to the type of candidate you would like.

Recruitments can also Register at and integrate with over 20 different free and paid worksheets and social networks to publish their work with a single click.

Jobs on the job boards solve some of the problems that come with employees having to do more work by communicating directly with candidates.

3. Use candidate databases to search for candidates:

The same worksheets that allow you to publish jobs also allow you to view candidates in their candidate database. This is a database of candidates who have expressed an interest in looking for a new job and have provided their CV or CV on these sites. These candidate databases can be searched and candidates can contact.

Popular sites like Dice, Monster, Linkedin, Careerbuilder etc. offer candidate databases for candidate search and origin.

Candidate databases are usually more expensive than jobs because they allow you to target the specific candidate you think will fit the job.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages to using a candidate database

Advantages and disadvantages of using a candidate database:

Here are the benefits of using a candidate database to hire candidates

  • You can find and find the right match candidate with the right qualifications
  • You can receive their contact details and contact them directly
  • You can see the preferences regarding compensation, location, notice period, etc. nominated by the candidates for decision.
  • Many sites also share how actively the Candidate is looking for work.

And some disadvantages as well

  • Candidate databases are often charged on a per CV View basis and are therefore usually more accurate
  • For every candidate you look for and like, you do not know if they are interested in your open job
  • Once, you like a candidate, you may need to invite multiple candidates several times to talk to them and “sell” your job.
  • Recognizing candidates who are “good” and “interested” often requires many phone calls and much more time.

To get candidates, you may need to look for many different worksheets at the same time. They are used by many employers to simultaneously search worksheets such as Dice, Career Builder, Monster and Linkedin. This helps them get a list of all the candidates in all these worksheets quickly and easily. You can sign up for and try it.

To effectively get candidates from a candidate database search, you must use the provided search function. These may require you to learn to use the “Boolean Search Strings”.

4. Search for candidates in candidate databases:

Searching for candidates in popular databases of popular sites like Dice, Monster, Linkedin, Careerbuilder also requires a lot of skill. Remember that these sites have millions of users and you need to find the few that meet your criteria

Primary among them is the ability to create a Boolean search string that helps you get the right candidate to your source.

The Boolean search string usually has some elements

  • Keyword (Combination of skills AND / or job title)
  • Candidate location
  • Type of work: Permanent, Contract, Contract for hiring
  • Work authorization
  • Last active date
  • Compensation
  • Notification period

Some worksheets also allow you to search for Additional Parameters

  • Education
  • Previous employers
  • Industry
  • Languages

While this may seem intimidating, most sites have an easy interface where you just have to worry about “Keyword” and all the other filters are easily categorized and you just enter your selection and click “Run”.

Every recruiter often starts his supply with the “Perfect Candidate” wish list and finds that very few candidates appear in their results.

So the ability lies in knowing which parameter to relax in order to expand the search. Here are the top 6 suggestions for improving binary search for better candidate recruitment

  • Locations: Develop candidate search criteria to allow candidates not only at the job site, but also to include candidates who are willing to relocate to take on this job. This expands the total number of candidates you can create
  • Elimination of optional skills: Unless all skills are required, contact your hiring manager for which skills are “optional” to acquire and remove from your search.
  • Previous experience and training: Similar to the previous industry and training criteria, contact the hiring manager and remove them unless required.
  • Alternative job titles: Your job title in your company may or may not be used in other organizations. Find out what alternative job titles can be used to perform this same search. E.g. “Java Developer” in company A may be the same as “Software Developer” in company “B”
  • Compensation: Include candidates in the search who may not have reported any range of compensation.
  • Work approval: If you are looking for specialized roles such as Technology or Scientists, you may want to consider an alternative Employment Officer such as Green Card or EAD Green Card, which will help increase the number of applicants.

Recruiters spend most of their time during the day in this particular recruitment activity from different channels. Usually, recruiters will create a fairly long list of candidates coming from 10/20/30 before deciding to start contacting them.

While this may seem like a small number for many roles, it becomes difficult for specialized and senior roles, where recruiters may not find enough suitable candidates to meet the criteria. In such cases, they must return to the hiring manager and make the appropriate changes to the job description and restart the procurement process.

The problem of procurement over and over again:

Many recruits have told us that there are many reasons why they should go to the same job over and over again for many days. Some of them are.

  • The compensation for this work is less than the Purchase
  • The combination of desired skills or number of years of desired experience is rare
  • Candidates may not be willing to relocate to your workplace
  • Candidates may not be willing to work for your organization
  • Applicants may not be willing to change jobs

Candidate Sourcing is a very dynamic activity that requires constant interaction with candidates, hiring executives takes up most of the time for a recruiter on a daily basis.

One thing that emerges from the poll conducted by is that Recruiters are clear that Sourcing Candidates is the only thing that takes up most of their time.


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