Wisestep Chrome Extension: The latest version in recruitment automation

P.Ecruitment, like other important corporate functions, must be cost-effective and cost-effective. Recruitment metrics such as time-to-hire and cost-per-hire have become important measures in the hands of recruiters and hunters. In fact, recruitment process improvement programs often aim to improve key performance metrics. In this context, recruitment automation is gaining importance. One of the key tools in automation is the Google Chrome extension. These are small software programs that simplify a variety of tasks and provide a better user experience. Applied to hiring, Chrome extensions open up a lot of possibilities for hiring and admin hiring.

«Extensions customize the browsing experience. Allow users to customize Chrome functionality and behavior to suit individual needs or preferences. “ Google

Technological developments have revolutionized the recruitment industry. Recruiters no longer depend solely on traditional recruitment methods, but are increasingly embracing newer technologies such as Chrome extensions to automate the recruitment process.

Introducing the Chrome Wisestep extension:

Chrome extensions help recruiters work smarter and get candidates suitable for resources in less time. One such tool is The Wisestep Chrome extension. It is a simple but effective tool that helps recruiters and permanent managers to do their job more efficiently. The Chrome Wisestep extension was developed by Wisestep Inc., a recruitment software company, leveraging the best methodologies and software development framework in the category. The product is completely based on data with integrated intelligent automation. It really is a flexible recruitment software. In this blog, we will discuss the features of the Chrome Wisestep extension, the installation process, and the benefits it offers.

Install the Chrome Wisestep extension:

Wisestep Chrome Extension is very easy to download and easy to use. You can download it from Google Chrome Webstore or from the company website. The installation process is simple (the recruiter must click on “Add to Chrome, “And Wisestep Chrome Extension is installed in the user’s Chrome browser). After installation, users must first log in to Wisestep Website using their business email address. Hiring Professionals can post their jobs on the Wisestep platform and start working or outsourcing it directly to their affiliated teams Workplace. This helps save time in the hands of a recruiter, giving him immediate access to requirements and preventing the need to approach team leaders or managers individually to share work. Hiring managers can automate the function of work share allocation, while speeding up the process.

Basic features:

The Wisestep Chrome extension is a free tool which is accessible when using the Chrome browser. The extension has all the desired features to facilitate the hiring work. Some of its most important benefits Wisestep Chrome extension are listed below:

  1. Integration with multiple jOhmplankingIncrease your candidate recruitment efforts by integrating Wisestep with 10+ worksheets and other candidate networks
  2. Procurement of candidates and data collectionWisestep AI-based tool allows fast recording of candidate data from multiple sources, reducing tedious manual effort
  3. Candidate database buildingQuickly add candidates to your database with a single click
  4. Process automationComplete the heavy lifting as you focus your efforts on value-added activities
  5. Real-time details Analyze the effectiveness of your processes and the performance of employees with timely data granularity
  6. Efficient Best value for money for work inputs
  7. GDPR compliant data framework compatible with GDPRProvides the best in the class candidate data privacy controls with unparalleled flexibility

Key features explained:

1. Easy integration with multiple worksheets – Get the best candidates from 10+ large candidate networks with a single click

The Chrome Wisestep extension captures candidate profiles directly from multiple work boards like US Dice, Beast (USA, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, and India), CareerBuilder USA, Technology, CWjobs United Kingdom, JobServe United Kingdom, and Nauru India. Worksheets can be synchronized with the Wisestep tool to continue sourcing and building talented skills using the Wisestep Chrome Extension. Organizations using the Chrome Wisestep extension can save money US $ 1,500 per month in Premium CV Views on worksheets.

2. Candidate recruitment and data collection – Make your investments harder for you. Increase your productivity up to 4X

Wisestep Chrome Extension works with 10+ worksheets and automatically extracts all candidate information from their profiles. This information is stored in the Wisestep Recruitment Software which is integrated with the Chrome extension and allows easy and seamless access to data when asked. The data is organized this way

makes it easy for the user to search for profiles in their Wisestep account when needed. The extension also allows recruiters to store and update information such as job applications, application status (rejected, shortlisted or accepted bids), and most importantly the history of conversations between candidates and recruiters. Automated candidate data collection and storage for easy retrieval are key incentives for process-driven automation improvements.

3. Quickly create candidate databases – Reduce time spent on non-recruitment activities by up to 47%

Creating a candidate database is a long and tedious task and organizations spend a lot of time, resources and money to build a strong database. When sourcing a resume from spreadsheets, Wisestep Chrome Extension arrests critical candidate data and exports it to the Wisestep database. Wisestep customers state a 4X increase to their talent team using the Wisestep Chrome Extension. Through the automated resume recording method, an individual recruiter can easily add a few thousand resumes to the company database each month. These are the CV views that would have been paid for and consumed once. By downloading Wisestep Database Profiles, they are available for future reuse for similar roles.

This helps to create long-term value propositions for companies that hire on a continuous basis for themselves or their clients.

4. Process Automation – Achieve a 20% increase in candidate submissions

Automation optimizes the recruitment process and enables recruiters to easily find potential candidates. Wisestep Chrome Extension allows organizations to automate the process of manually recruiting candidates. Wisestep recruitment automation helps organizations speed up recruitment time and improve recruitment time.

The Wisestep extension has helped customers increase candidate submissions to 20%

4. Real-time analysis for candidates, recruitment – Remove process bottlenecks and measure your performance

Analytics is considered as a growth and profitability lever for staffing teams and recruitment companies. Combining real-time data and analytics provides smart information to help you make decisions. Real-time data can affect all stages of the recruitment process – from procurement to the construction of candidate pipelines to new boarding.

The Chrome Wisestep extension provides detailed performance data for recruits, teams, and clients. Provides usable in real time data for better decision making. Wisestep customers can easily make up-to-date decisions based on the data generated (eg job mapping, job service, vacancies, etc.) resulting in higher submissions, higher hiring productivity and increased revenue.

5. Financial tool – Reduce up to 25% in your recurring operating expenses

Recruitment costs are significant operating costs for staff and recruitment. For organizations that hire only for themselves, the cost of hiring is not insignificant. According Bersin by Deloitte, an organization spends $ 4,000 on hiring a candidate. Automation is now a necessity for talent acquisition teams. Automation reduces time allocation to routines and repetitive tasks, such as creating candidate databases, email campaigns, reminders and tasks, and other activities. This helps employees redistribute their time and effort into activities such as value-added candidate and customer conversations that contribute to profitability, thus reducing the time it takes to hire a suitable candidate. On average, Wisestep customers have reported cost benefits of up to 25%.

6. GDPR compliant data privacy framework – Give candidates more control over managing their own information

Wisestep Chrome Extension complies with large data privacy frameworks, such as the GDPR and the CCPA. Under the GDPR, Wisestep takes on the role of a data processor and the respective organizations act as data controllers. Wisestep provides out-of-the-box GDPR compliance, allowing Recruiters to manage candidates’ communication preferences and giving them access to update, delete or manage their information in accordance with GDPR principles.

All of this is in addition to the strict controls on best practices and coding practices that Google imposes on extensions before they are allowed to be uploaded to the Chrome Store.

Experience productivity and cost metrics with the Chrome Wisestep extension:

Wisestep Chrome Extension is an essential tool for hiring companies and talent groups, as it reduces costs and hiring time. The tool makes the recruitment process automated, improves recruitment productivity, reduces costs and enables quick access to the right candidates. In addition, organizations that have embarked on the Wisestep tool will be able to leverage real-time analytics in key performance metrics to help them make informed decisions and make business improvements.

If you you have not tried it yet, try it Wisestep Chrome extension now aNo brings about an immediate measurable effect the recruitment process.


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