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What is the Human Resources Assistant, Assistant Human Resources Manager?

You may have heard the HR assistant, but you don’t know the HR assistant. What is the HR Assistant? The following article GoodCV will summarize the portrait of a human resources assistant in the current HR recruitment industry.

When you hear from the assistant, you have probably imagined the work of an Assistant HR Manager, unlike HR staff. So what is the human resources assistant? To better understand this work, follow the article below.

HR Manager Assistant information helps readers better understand this job search
  • I. Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources Assistant Manager
  • The main task of the human resources assistant is to take time to the human resources manager, human resources management, documents, handling of calls, etc. It is to assist in daily matters related to human resources, including. .. As follows:
  • Support all jobs and requirements related to internal and external personnel.
  • Manage and protect candidate datasets.
  • Protecting the interests of company employees.
  • Support the company’s recruitment process: Search for candidates, browse the CV, communicate with candidates and prepare contracts for successful employees.
  • Plan work for all HR staff.
  • To supervise the implementation of the general regulations of employees in the company.
  • Plan company meetings, interviews and other important events.
  • Coordinating the planning and organizing of seminars and staff training.
  • Update new employee data to the company’s database.
  • Preparing reports on general staff activities and presenting them to the senior levels.
  • Manage payroll and ensure its accuracy.
  • Receive and address complaints and questions from company employees.
  • II. Requesting qualifications and skills for human resources assistants
  • Having a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Human Resources or other related professions.
  • Having experience as a HR assistant is an advantage.
  • Be informed about the Labor Law and other relevant Government regulations.
  • Human resource management and human management skills.
  • Payroll calculation and payroll preparation experience.
  • To have full information about the functions of the human resources department and to be able to fully perform these functions.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Can work in high pressure environment, regular deadline.
  • Expertise in office computers (Microsoft Office, email, …) and other support tools.
  • Scientific assignment, time management and organizational skills.
  • Ambitious and able to solve problems quickly.
  • With care.
  • Being able to fully meet the requirements of the superiors and follow the company’s instructions and regulations.
You need to have some special skills to become Human Resources Assistant Manager

The core share of the assistant staff in the above position hopes to bring important and useful information to Albali readers to assist when you have the opportunity to approach this business. . The work of the human resources assistant is also related to the position of the human resources administrative staff. This position also relates to the recruitment and training of new employees. HR staff also participated in collecting information, posting jobs … You can refer to some questions that interview HR staff. Being well prepared for this position. If you do well, you can take on many positions with higher professional requirements, such as the head of human resources management … This is definitely the position that many people want to have. In the future, if you decide to become a human resources manager, you will also spend a lot of time developing a lot of professional knowledge and competence.


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