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While Googling for this particular information you might have looked whether somebody is watching you. Yes, this is true. When we still take such topics related to ‘Sex’ as ‘strictly prohibited’ or ‘strictly for adults’ in today’s world, you may find it very surprising that in the Adult Entertainment Industry professions directly and indirectly related to sex are in high demand and most highly paid too. Today this article is going to keep you glued to the seat and completely drowned in some weirdest yet interesting adult jobs in the world.

Sex Toy Salesman:

Pleasure is all that people want in a sexual relationship. There are many people who without getting involved with a partner look for sexual pleasure. This demand has also given rise to a very potential industry which is the Sex Toy Industry. At the same time, a flair for selling products may also help you in pursuing a sales career in this highly lucrative industry. Your skill to convince the dealers and retailers of Sex Toys and making them aware of the various pros and cons of the product along with its performance level can take you higher in the field of sex-related jobs.

Pole Dance artist:

If you have been to any strip club, you would have surely noticed these beautifully dressed gorgeous ladies performing on a pole, dancing with scantily dressed these performers entertain the patrons both visually and with contact as well. They are known popularly as the Strip dancers or Pole or Lap dancers. They are not just performers in the place but they are formally paid workers in this field. They not only are permanent in their post but also draw a handsome salary at the end of every month and pursue this as a profession.

Porn Reviewer:

In many countries, the government also take the responsibility to offer jobs with quite a handsome salary in the sex field. To add to your information, the porn movies that come to the market are first reviewed and then the feedback is collected for further improvement in terms of addition and alteration is done. This is necessary because it would increase the acceptability of the movie in the market. The Job of a Porn reviewer is just as vital as a general movie reviewer whose feedback is most crucial and is paid well.

Sex Toy Tester:

There are a number of Sex toys available in the market today like Dildos, Vibrators, Butt Plugs, and others which need to be quality and result tested very well before they are released in the market. The sex toys are made only to provide sexual pleasure and the acceptability of a particular product is based on its performance in providing sexual pleasure. There is high demand of specialist testers for these products in the market and they are popularly known as Sex toy testers. They test them just like customers and provide their valuable feedback for improvement or passing of the product.

Phone Sex Operator:

The Sexual need is boundless which no one can stop by his/her own will. And when that arises it should be satisfied without any obligations. This is where the demand for phone sex operator comes into the role. For those who enjoy working from home and can also spend a considerable time on the phone, this is a good job for them to work as phone sex operator. The job will be for an adult entertainment company and the job would be as simple as having a sexual conversation with clients over the phone.

Sex Therapist:

It is the sex life and the sexual relationship that actually determines the stability and happiness in a married relationship. But unknowingly many couples face sex related problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation to a low libido which needs medical intervention. Sex Therapists are one who can give appropriate treatment and solution to overcome these serious issues. The job of Sex therapists is in a high boom in today’s market and none of them remain jobless. A masters degree in Sex Therapy and some good experience is enough to give you a stable career in the sex field.

Erotic Photographer:

One different wing of Adult Entertainment Industry today is vastly occupied by the sexually suggestive photos. A liking towards photography and a knack for creativity can give you a secured position in the Erotic photography industry. This job revolves around the clicking of still photos of various models and those who like to have sexually suggestive photos taken for them. This breed of photographers not only work on clicking pictures but also edit the images and add various artistic sense in the images.

Porn Editor:

Porn film industry is a huge industry today with ever increasing demand not only in the youth group but also for all ages. A career as a Porn Editor is highly promising in terms of both security and success as a whole. The main job of the editor here is to edit the footage of adult and sexual activities in the films. The footage is expected to be arranged by the editors so that the scenes in the entire film fall in logically ensuring that the moans are not too loud or too low and also add special effects to the film in order to make it more appealing.

Product Model:

There is a great demand of sexual products in the Adult Entertainment Industry today and more is the number of sexual products manufacturing companies. Unless and until you advertise the newly manufactured product how would your prospective buyers come to know about it? Here lies the never ending demand for Product Model for the sex products manufacturing industries. In this job, the model needs to only promote various sex products for different magazines, newspapers and other media as well.

Adult Talent Manager:

The Porn industry or the Adult Entertainment Industry is not as easy as we feel it to be. To become a Pornstar, one need to undergo massive training and grooming from different aspects. There are separate trainers who teach the prospective as well as established pornstars to get better in their fields. These talented professionals are known as Adult Talent Managers. This career is posted in various Adult Talent Agencies. This is an equally high paid job in the sex industry one can ever imagine.

Sex & Relationships Educator:

There are many people who are reluctant to speak about sex and sexual relationships and thus continue to suffer from sex related problems in their lives. The Job of a sex relationship educator is to understand the sex-related problems of their clients and communicate accordingly to them along with effective solutions to overcome the problems. This is one of the most secured jobs in the industry and you need some advanced qualification to pursue a career in this field. They also conduct workshops, and lectures on various sex topics to make clients easy with the concept.

Marital Aids Entrepreneur:

If you have the zeal to be the boss of yourself and hate to work in the 10-5 schedule you may be an entrepreneur in the sex industry by becoming a Marital Aids Entrepreneur. To avail more pleasure in sex many people in the world prefer to use these marital aids which considerably increase the market for the same. A career in this field is highly promising and you can make a healthy income out of it in your life. This industry is profitable enough and is also getting more mainstream investors for the growth of the industry.

Sexual Neuroscientist:

When you already have that thick skin to choose sex as your career focus then why not thinking of a career as a sexual Neuroscientist who continuously does research on various aspects of science and sex. The process of combining male and female genes to form offspring may be very interesting as a study discipline and it’s equally interesting when you would take it up as a career and research on various unrevealed facts behind the process. This career assures you quite a handsome pay along with most desired prosperity in life.

Fetishist and Dominatrix:

The world of sex is highly varied and innovative in every aspect. To avail, the maximum pleasure in the activity people do many things in their lives and preferences and likings also vary from one to another. The role of a Fetishist and Dominatrix is also highly prominent in the Adult Entertainment Industry. A Job in this line is very much sought after and one can earn a livelihood by acting as a dominatrix professionally. This is a job mostly for women and is solely ruled by them. Some prefer this in their personal life while many take this up professionally and earn well.

Reproductive health specialist:

Reproductive Health Specialists though are the outcome of the medical discipline, can easily be counted as one pursuing a sex-related job. A reproductive health specialist needs to be a medical student in the respective field. This career deals with the different types of problems related to the male and female reproductive health. In this career, you get to deal with fertility related problems in male and female patients. They also act as counselors for reproductive procedure and health and sometimes also remain attached with specialty clinics and hospitals as well.

Sperm Donors:

The career of the Sperm donor is a very burning career today. In this career, you need no experience or formal education as such and can take up the career at any point in time. Many couples due to reproductive health problems face difficulty in bearing a child. The sperm donors earn a handsome amount for donating sperm to such couples without even revealing their identity to them. This is a long term career without any challenges as such. You need to qualify certain points like trait, race, originality and the like to get selected as a professional Sperm Donor.

Sexual health Toy designer:

Don’t assume that the sex toys available in the market are just toys. They undergo special designing and development to meet the specific requirements of the clients to provide maximum results at any point in time. Just like a Sex Toy Tester, a Sex Toy designer is also required to plan and design the tool in the most effective way that it is preferred and bought by more and more clients all over the world. The job of a Sexual Health Toy Designer is in high demand for its prominent role in the Sex Toy Industries.

Social Media Manager in Sex Industry:

The Social Media Manager in a Sex Toy industry is a very lucrative job today looking for professionals from the management field with flair to manage the production to the selling of various Sex Toys. One’s flair to communicate effectively on sex toys along with explaining and receiving feedback on the products can take him/her to the peak of success in the Social Media Management in the Sex industry. Social media interns, as well as experienced professionals in management field, are highly absorbed in this evolving industry.

Social Media marketing in Sex Industry:

Only manufacturing of Sexual health products is not everything. The products must reach the right set of the target group and the market at right time. This is where a professional for Social Media Marketing in the Sex industry is highly sought after. The specialists are required to communicate the various pros and cons along with their performance levels to the audience via the social media in the most effective manner. This industry is ever developing and upgrading yet a formal degree in Management would be apt enough to get selected for the career.

From the above discussion, you may be wondering that who would be bold enough to pursue such kind of jobs in their career path. To add to your information, the sex industry is one of the fastest developing and highest recruiters in today’s world. More and more people are joining the industry with great expertise and working effectively in most result oriented manner achieving milestones for their companies. So, no job is less and no earning is to be ashamed of till you have the confidence in you.


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