The best remote work tools for homework

The work mentality of any organization plays an important role in the performance of their employees and also motivates them to work better. The working culture of today is very different from the old.

Employers are paying more attention to employee engagement these days, and the work culture has become more user-friendly, making them work more efficiently. Many benefits have been offered to employees to motivate them to work better.

Working from home is such a benefit that employees love to have. However, not all organizations provide homework to their employees and its reasons could not be at all.

Now working from home is an allowance that is older than any other benefits provided by employees.

Working from home or away from work is definitely a privilege, but at the same time it comes with many responsibilities. The primary responsibility is to maintain the same quality of work and productivity.

Remote work offers you more comfort and flexibility to work independently and all this is possible if the right type of tools and software are used. Communication, calls, answering your team’s questions, video meetings, etc. there are a few other responsibilities you need to perform when working from home.

Although it looks like a benefit, it is very challenging and using the best technology is just one way to be successful. Some of the vital remote tools are listed below,

List of remote tools for groups that remain connected:

1. Skype:

  • Professional messaging app
  • Handy
  • In the office instant messaging software
  • Supports video calls, online dating
  • Supports audio calls
  • It helps group messages
  • Independent platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)

2. Asana:

  • Best productivity tool
  • It works best for remote work
  • Creating, managing and assigning tasks
  • Organizing and exporting files to and from third parties
  • Create to-do lists
  • Personalized project management control panel
  • Calendar features

3. Google hangouts:

  • Popular messaging app
  • Supports video conferencing
  • Safe and secure
  • Integrate with tools like loose
  • Supports video calls
  • Ability to share files
  • Mobile and desktop can be synchronized
  • Emoji and stickers can be used

4. Zoom:

  • The best teleconference tool
  • Used for online training
  • video and screen sharing
  • Professional direct messages
  • Supports file sharing
  • Top tool for collaboration for remote employees
  • The best alternative for google hangout

5. Youtube live:

  • Professional office tool
  • The best tool for remote employees
  • Supports live shows, events, educational videos
  • Video recording and transmission

6. Github:

  • Software development tool
  • Best when working remotely as a team
  • Easy collaboration with other remote employees
  • As a team it can review, develop, manage and create software as required

7. Dropbox:

  • The best tools for working with remote employees
  • Cloud-based storage system
  • Ideal for storing and sharing data with others
  • Very useful in case of system failure
  • Safe data storage

8. Float:

  • The best management tool for remote employees
  • Resource planning tool
  • Effective assignment of tasks and resources required in groups
  • It helps monitor the progress of work
  • Handy
  • Customized platform
  • Supports editing and mass programming

9. Podio.

  • Professional chat tool
  • Project management platform
  • The best social networking system
  • Work management and planning in groups
  • Monitoring work performance
  • Custom dashboard
  • Supports unlimited storage space
  • Built-in CRM
  • Compatibility with mobiles

10. Sketch:

  • Sketch-based communication tool
  • Help you share ideas using sketches with remote employees
  • Inbuild incorporates designs
  • Supports import from third party sources

11. Taskworld:

  • Remote project management software
  • Employee scheduling
  • Regular monitoring of work progress
  • Project review and evaluation
  • Comment on the complete project in the group
  • Email integration
  • The best tool for remote employees to work as a team

12. Facebook workspace:

  • Facebook collaboration platform
  • Useful in connecting many employees to a network
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Better infrastructure
  • Possibility of live video
  • Work planning
  • Possibility of automation
  • Cloud integration
  • Supports video calls and chat

13. Trello:

  • Popular job management tool for remote employees
  • Best interactive project management platform
  • Supports remote team management
  • Separation of sections and assignment of tasks to groups respectively
  • Update the progress of the project in the table for easy visibility

14. Sandglaz:

  • The best project management tool for remote employees
  • An effective collaborative tool for remote team management
  • Supports automation of administrative tasks
  • Manage a flexible workflow system
  • Visual job management
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Records details of previous projects

15. Important tracker:

  • The best business management tool
  • Monitoring project progress based on agility
  • Automatic task scheduling
  • Easy work planning
  • It helps to take notes and prioritize things

16. Jelly:

  • Professional social networking tool
  • Collaborative tools for remote groups and employees
  • Unified platform for remote employees to share ideas and discuss vital things about the project
  • Supports project planning and goal setting

17. Jira:

  • The best work management tool
  • Integration with many design tools
  • Assists in assigning and managing tasks in remote groups
  • Supports project design and development
  • Integration with BitBucket and HipChat

18. Sign up. With:

  • Supports online conferences
  • An effective web meeting tool
  • Free screen sharing tool
  • Video call mode

19. ScreenHero:

  • The best screen sharing tool for remote employees
  • An effective collaborative tool
  • Different groups can share and discuss ideas

20. Glip:

  • Remote job management tool
  • Real-time messaging and sharing tool
  • Sharing files
  • Supports work planning and monitoring
  • Video collaboration with remote employees
  • Safe cloud-based storage
  • Image commentary

21. Each time zone:

  • An effective time management tool for remote employees
  • The best support when your team members work abroad
  • Assists in assigning and managing tasks to employees in accordance with the respective time zones

22. Contribution:

  • Content management tool
  • Best technology and tool for remote employees
  • Assists in file management, work progress documents, project requirements, etc.
  • Ability to share files
  • Unified platform for group meetings and exchange of ideas

23. Wunderlist:

  • Independent platform
  • Project management software
  • It helps you manage tasks and create to-do lists
  • Creating a work schedule for remote employees
  • It is not possible to exchange messages and chat

24. Basecamp:

  • Job management tool
  • Used to manage remote groups
  • Safe cloud storage
  • Work planning and assignment
  • Singe platform for complete project management
  • Independent software platform

25. Purpose:

  • Complete online management tool
  • Collaborative tool for remote employees
  • Supports the creation and management of project work
  • Possibility of sales and support

26. Hipchat:

  • Group communication software for remote employees
  • Possibility of instant messaging
  • Group discussion
  • Video call mode
  • Supports screen sharing
  • High security
  • Save history chat
  • Create a project and assign a specific group

27. Assembla:

  • Job management tool
  • Manages all project management tasks
  • Integration with development tools such as GIT, Perforce cloud
  • Remote office communication software
  • Project security

28. PukkaTeam:

  • Best optical communication team
  • Automatic instantaneous screen operation
  • Video chat software
  • Ability to exchange messages

29. Relaxation:

  • Professional office communication tool
  • Possibility of instant messaging
  • Team management software
  • Supports group discussions
  • Shared messaging space
  • Assignment of tasks and corresponding groups
  • Review of employee contracts
  • Coding development

30. Ioneth:

  • Achievement monitoring tools
  • It supports the day-to-day achievements of remote employees
  • work progress reports
  • Operation to send newsletters
  • It helps manage remote groups


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