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Everyone uses Chrome extensions and they are nice little tools that enrich the browser and make your Internet using the experience fun and adventurous and sometimes even dangerous. However, for cleaners, here’s how it’s defined.

Google defines chrome extensions as «small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They allow users to customize the functionality and behavior of Chrome to individual needs or preferences. They are based on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

The Chrome extension offers additional functionality to users and helps them perform their tasks in a short time. The extension must meet one individual purpose which is closely defined and understood. Individual expansion can include different elements and a number of functions if they support a common goal.

Thousands of companies have developed chromium extensions for their customers, and this includes anything from a Spellcheck tool like Grammarly to SEO extensions such as SimilarWeb. In recent years, companies have been using chromium extensions to streamline their business and make it faster and simpler for employees. For example, recruiters use Chrome extensions such as Wisestep to connect with candidates and the sales team uses Luke to create candidate customer details (email ID and candidate phone number).

The best Chrome extensions for Recruiters for use in 2020:

In recent years, technology has revolutionized the recruitment industry. Recruitment managers no longer depend solely on the traditional method of recruiting candidates and have begun to expect that technology and new tools will help them do their job quickly. On the Google Chrome Web Store page, recruiters can find thousands of extensions that will be useful in their daily operations. Recruiters can take advantage of the right combination of Chrome extensions, as this will reduce search time. new candidatesand find them contact info (email ID, phone number and LinkedIn profile).

In this article, we will cover various Chrome extensions that can be used by recruitment companies and how to improve recruitment efficiency. These are classified into different categories such as Automation and Supply.

Recruitment Automation:

Recruitment Automation is the new keyword, but what it does is do automation hirings and wflows to increasing recruitment productivity and cost reduction per lease and rental time. Chrome extensions perform tasks that automate parts of the recruitment process and help recruiters work more efficiently. Here are some Chrome extensions that help you get Jazz.


Wisestep Chrome extension developed by, and is a widely used chromium expansion in the recruitment industry. Wisestep Chrome extension automates the recruitment process for Free. The Wisestep Chrome extension has been integrated Artificial intelligence tools importing CVs from various work tables into the recruitment database. Recruiters can add candidates (along with details) from multiple working councils and others social media sites with a single click and this is useful for creating talent tanks in less time. Recruiters can then search for these Candidate CVs with a single click and add notes and monitor their conversations with candidates.

This Chrome extension works with most jobs as well US dice, Beast (USA, UK, Poland, Germany and India), CareerBuilder USA, Technology, CWjobs UK, JobServe UK, and Nauri India

By applying the Wisestep extension to the daily routine, recruitment around the world makes the recruitment process more organized and saves time for revenue creation tasks like talking to customers and candidates and letting candidates record data in the Wisestep browser extension.


The ΝΝΝΑ The Chrome extension offers LinkedIn automation for recruitment. From the job description provided by the recruiters, the AI ​​tool will look for the different Keywords such as job title, Company Name, industry, experience, education, and Technical skills and will search for resumes on LinkedIn. Each of these resumes is graded and classified into keywords. Recruiters can log in and send personalized LinkedIn high-ranking CVs.

Using the AI ​​tool, recruiters can send up to 500 messages in the top profiles and will not use any of the InMail credits. Future updates to the Chrome extension will be automatic response characteristics where AI will automatically send the answer to the candidates if the recruitments have not responded and meeting planning in the recruitment calendar.

Recruiter Nerd for LinkedIn:

Military expert Nerd for LinkedIn is a powerful automation tool in almost all activities on the LinkedIn website. Using the tool, recruiters can connection, message, visit, manage the profile of the candidate and increase their pipeline. Some of the main features of the tools are that they can be sent by the recruiters massively invites, mass messages, posted a message in flow with schedule, can schedule any work to be executed at a specific time, automatic visit the profile of the candidate, send one personalized message, and incorporate with the Salesman LinkedIn.

Recruiter Nerd offers one freemium functionl where some free features are offered, and by upgrading to the premium account, most of the features will be available for recruitment. The premium package starts at $ 14.99 per month, $ 12.75 US every month for one six-month plan, and $ 9.95 US per month for one plan of the year.

Amazing rental:

AmazingHiring develops Artificial Intelligence Web-based tools for recruiters to find candidates directly from more than 50 sources. AmazingHiring extension is a free tool for searching for technology candidates. Recruitment officials will be able to monitor the social footprint and professional background of the candidates in various sources such as GitHub, Stack overflow, Kagl, Dribble, Behavior, Google+, Ruby, Quora, SlideShare, Facebook, Twitterand 40+ sources and other social networks. However, recruiters cannot find candidates from LinkedIn, the largest database in the world. The chromium expansion used in conjunction with Additional AmazingHiring search engine will display the candidate’s current job, geographic location, available contacts and comments on the Amazinghire platform.

Candidate commission:

Candidate commission includes preventive search for specialized talent to fill the current or future positions of the organization. Finding specialized talent is one of the biggest challenges facing recruitment companies. From the study conducted by Lever, a Recruitment software development company, approx 52% of candidates who have applied for the job are selected.[1] Below is a list of some Chrome extension tools that are useful for finding prospective profiles and other details (email ID, phone number, LinkedIn profile).


Lusha Chrome extension has developed Lusha Systems inc, which provides candidate information such as company name, email ID and phone number. People who use the Chrome extension can candidates of origin using one with one click. Recruiters can obtain candidate information in the Chrome browser or by adding Salesforce (via API) or via Lusha Zapier integration tool. When recruiters visit any candidate page, the Chrome extension will automatically scan the profile of the candidates and record the most updated contact details in full compliance with the required data regulations.

The Additional Lusha currently supported by LinkedIn and Salesforce. Lucy uses it Freemium model, and his free accounts provide five credits each month (using the free accounts, recruiters can only provide information for five candidates). Paid services range from $ 39 US per month to $ 69 US per month (using this program, the recruiter can create up to 120 profiles per month).


RocketReach is an online application tool that allows users to find email IDs, phone numbers and Social Media profiles of 250 million professionals in 6 million companies worldwide. Using it Chrome RockeReach extension, users can find any profile with a single click on professional networking sites such as Angel list, Crunchbase, LinkedInor even in Google Search Engine.

RocketReach is one of the most popular chrome extensions with more than two hundred thousand shots. The Chrome extension has one success ratio of 85%, such as all email IDs SMTP was validated to ensure they do not bounce.

RocketReach is one provider of paid services and offers complex search options to limit search to location, industry, job title and candidate company. The paid services are available in 3 packages starting from $ 59 US per month to $ 299 US per monthand users can search 125 contacts per month to 833 contacts per month (depends on the type of program).


MightSourcer The Chrome expansion tool was developed by MightyRecruiter which offers end-to-end recruitment solutions. Using the Chrome extension, recruiters can after jobs on different worksheets, promote the work using advertising partners, look for candidates in database (has over 20 million resumes) and find their contact details (email id and phone number), ranking of candidates, and COMMUNICATE with candidates.

Using the Might Recruiters Paid (Software Tracking Application) service, recruiters can add profiles to the database and invite them to submit a job application via custom email. MightSourcer is compatible with LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, and Facebook, where the recruiter must identify the candidate and the tool will provide all the details of the candidate.


Chrome Hunter Extension It is used by 2 million recruitment, marketing and sales staff to find the relevant contact details of potential target accounts and candidates. Recruiters can find his electronic contact prospective candidates only by visiting the site. Along with email addresses, recruiters can also find the name of the candidate, job titles, social networks and phone numbers. Conscripts have a choice sending mass emails using various CRM tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and Zoho.

The Chrome extension also offers one Search function. When the recruitment manager visits any website, the tool will display all verified email identifiers and, most likely, the email ID pattern.

The Hunter offers Free package for users, where they can source 50 contacts per month, and the paid program starts at $ 49 per month (can create up to 1,000 contacts) to $ 399 US (Business plan for origin 50,000 contacts per month)


Discover is a Chrome extension tool that allows users to navigate and use their social data. The tools display a complete social profile of the candidate email contacts, including these Twitter, Facebook, Angel list, Crunchbaseand other social networking sites. By using the Chrome extension, recruiters can view information such as mutual friends on Facebook on LinkedIn, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts on Twitter. The Discoverly tool charges $ 5 a month for its premium services, which offer 30% more profile matches and users can also create a contact list.


Chrome extensions are now a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Employers using Chrome Extension such as Wisestep Chrome extension And the above will increase their productivity, reduce costs for companies, save time in repetitive tasks and redistribute time in key tasks, such as communicating with candidates or supplying new candidates for non-filled positions.

Most of the Chrome extensions are available in the Freemium model, where recruiters can use it for a specific level of use or for a specific period of time. Finding top talent is very difficult, and recruits are the first to adopt, they will make the whole recruitment process easier, spending less time.

If you haven’t used a chromium extension yet for recruitment, why not give it a go Wisestep Chrome extension a test.


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