How to get a job at Google, Apple or Facebook?

For any engineer, to enter the top three tech giants, Google, Apple or Facebook is like visiting one of the holiest places of worship. Why not? These three companies are pioneers in advanced technology and the application of the latest skills in innovation and research. This is exactly why they have developed applications or come up with products that talk a lot about its quality and technology.

Exactly what are they famous for?


It is the most popular search engine on the Internet today. It receives more than 3 billion searches every day. It is considered to be the fastest among the search engines and the most reliable. It also has an easy user interface. Equally popular are Google Maps, which is used as a map service application.


It is the most popular social interaction site on the Internet and every toddler will even know how to interact on Facebook. It became famous as a platform to stay connected with friends. Whether it’s the timeline, news feed, photo and video sharing or popular news, Facebook has managed to grow year by year and add members exponentially.


It is famous for mobile phones, watches and tablets. These products are called iPhone, iPad, iPod and Applewatch. Their phones use a separate iOS operating system while all other phones use Android. They are known for their products, in-house applications and the excellent support service they provide.

So, with a constant focus on advanced skills, it is every engineer’s dream to join these three companies. But breaking the interview is the hardest part. Let’s not forget that many specialized engineers failed to pass the interview. So, what are the parameters to consider while preparing to break the interview tests?

So, the big question is how to get a job at Google, Apple or Facebook?

So are engineers focusing on basic or advanced skill sets? Do they need to study analytical thoughts or behaviors? Should a data engineer focus only on SQL? Or is it enough if a software engineer learns Java? Here we try to get rid of your doubts and see how we can help you with some tips and points to break the interview, so you can get a job in one of the three companies:

Basics, basics and basics:

Data structure and algorithms, does a bell ring? You know the basics of software programming as well as math. The tenants there would like you to know the basics well. Learn it through books, learn it online, anything else, but keep practicing. Solve some fake tests on these issues. Basically you should know everything because you can expect very difficult questions around it. These questions may seem simple, but they can be complex.

Researchers would like to come up with interesting coding strategies to solve the problems and know that there is a time limit. And prepare well, because if you know you failed at the end of the interview, then blame it on your readiness. And also take care of the editorial part in your coding.

Work on projects or become a teaching assistant:

Do not limit yourself to your work. Learn with other developers. Work on various small projects. And emphasize coding in new languages ​​that you have learned, so that you know it better. And when you work with others it will help you to know their ideas as well. Another better option is to enroll as a teaching assistant in a computer teacher. This will give you an idea of ​​the basics of coding. Students always come up with questions and it will be interesting to work on resolving these questions. And a computer teacher always has the basics right and strong which he has gained from years of experience. So, working under it will definitely make your basics possible.

Be competent in whatever skill set you have:

Yes, it is very good to have a different set of skills. But be proficient in at least one or two skill sets. And mention in your resume about your competence in these skill sets. Because if you are not good enough in C ++ and you mention that you have 5 years of experience in it, then expect that your interview will be handled by a C ++ specialist engineer. You will like the most difficult questions in the basics of C ++ because you mentioned it. And if you fail at the basics of C ++, then make sure you get out the door without going to the next round. You have clearly missed the interview and that is because you are to blame. So write it on your resume only when you are absolutely sure of it.

Learn new languages:

When do you feel like learning? When you know you will learn something new. Even here when you know the C language, there is no reason to say you know C, C ++ and Java. Everything is almost the same. Instead, learning JavaScript will add more weight to your resume. Also try working on projects with the new language you have learned. It will expand the field of learning new languages. And state clearly what you are capable of and what you know.

Being company specific is an advantage:

As you know, different companies have different requirements. So it would be better if you know what the company requires. If you are applying for a job at Apple, knowledge of Objective C will be an advantage. But note the point, it’s only an advantage. If you are strong in basic principles and algorithms, knowing any language is okay. They just choose you for the strong basics, because they know that then you will be able to learn any of the required languages.

Are you interested in the popular fields:

Whether the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics or augmented reality, they are keen to follow the latest updates on this. Technology companies have invested heavily in the latest innovations and upcoming trends and having a little knowledge about it will definitely give you some extra points in the interview. Even if you do not know a language, read some basics about it so that you have an idea of ​​where and how it can be applied and what its advantages are over other languages.

What are the points to consider before preparing for the interview?

1. A degree in computers is not a necessary criterion:

A degree that in computers is not necessary for any candidate. If they have the knowledge and acquired a set of skills, they can pass the interview. One thing to note here is that there are many engineers employed by these three companies who do not have a degree in computers.

2. Become a person with knowledge of technology:

Even if you have applied for the position of a manager, do not think that only experience and skills count. You need to know something or a little about coding. If you know even the basic software skills that are more than enough. This is because you need to understand the software development process if you are to be an administrator in a software company. And since they are technology companies, it would be better to have a general knowledge of the latest technology and its applications.

3. Try independent projects:

Work experience combined with the skill set is definitely essential. But try to undertake projects yourself in your spare time. Whether you develop an application such as a gaming or e-commerce site, no matter what. This gives them an indication that you are passionate about your skills and that your knowledge is not limited to what is learned in the office.

4. Code designs for use in real-time applications:

As you try new projects, design projects that will make your routine easier. These are real-time applications and they will surely be impressed when they know that you have used the coding skills for practical use. Although there are already hundreds of applications available on the Internet, designing one of your own will improve your coding skills and this will help you solve the coding challenges in the interview.

5. Learn different skill sets:

Never stick to a skill set, perhaps like a coding language. You need to have a good idea for others, even if your office work does not require it. You can always design projects with the new languages ​​you have learned. So be flexible and have the desire to learn and explore new things. Knowing only one language without interest in learning others is considered a sign of laziness.

6. Practice makes a man perfect:

Don’t be too sure about your skills. Keep practicing. Basic language algorithms need to be understood in detail and you need to practice to find out where you need to improve. And this is true for your entire career. You are learning any new language. practice it by working on small programs. There are various websites that ask for problems and discuss any possible type of solution to it. This way you will get to know the various and best alternative methods for solving programs.

7. Failures are part of success:

When you have tried to create an application and failed miserably, do not think that it will show your weaknesses. Identify and understand the parts for which it failed and improve it. Here is your strength. In the interview do not forget to mention what you have planned. Because they just need to know what your idea was and how you were able to find and correct the mistakes. His success is irrelevant then.

8. Study their work culture:

Know what the company is and where they matter. These companies are usually heavy on technical issues and remain good engineers and not bad managers. So do some research on their work culture, mission and vision.

What is the interview process for these companies?

Telephone interviews:

Depending on the company and their recruitment strategy, you may have 2 or more telephone interviews. This interview is mainly to test your basic software skills. All questions are related to basic coding and easy algorithms. You must enter passwords in a shared editor. The questions will be challenging from the beginning. So know your basics well before applying for the job.

On-site interviews:

When the researchers are satisfied with the telephone interview, you will be invited to their campus. The next round of interviews starts here.

1. Coding interviews:

There will be coding interview rounds here and you will have to solve and answer questions related to basic algorithm skills.

2. System design and coding interview:

This round is for senior engineers. This interview is also about advanced coding for large-scale operating systems.

Behavioral interview:

This interview is essential for assessing candidates’ behavioral skills. There will be questions about previous work experience and projects undertaken there. Questions like “What is your goal for the future?”, “Can you work as a team?” or “How passionate are you about your job?” are asked. This interview is to judge their behavioral ability to understand and learn new things. They need to know what role you will play in a problem solving process and how well you are learning from your mistakes.

One thing to keep in mind is that the interview process will definitely be difficult. These are the top companies and would like to choose the best ones. So do not assume that it will be a cake ride. No. If you are a software engineer, you better have your basics right. If you are a data engineer, learn how to manage data efficiently. The questions will be very difficult, so you have to practice and do them right. Only then do you apply for a position. Or else not.


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