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Give yourself a perfect “year”

Life is slowly returning to a normal rhythm and return, after official information about the relaxation of social vacuum arrangements in Vietnam. However, with the relatively long distance working time from one to about three months, depending on the policies of different companies, as we have recently, of course each of us will need to make certain changes ourselves. returning to work in the most energetic and efficient way. Let’s look at some tips to help yourself renew and catch activities at your company quickly!


Despite the references, many tips for working and focusing remotely, we cannot deny that the home work environment always has certain differences with the office space. Therefore, each person’s body and mind have different adaptations to better suit the flexible working mechanism. Since traveling on the road does not take time, you may have awakened a little later, ate a little later, a little later and ended late at night. It is necessary to adjust the circadian rhythm of the body at this time, because if we do not reset the program and work scientifically and appropriately, it will definitely have a significant impact on fatigue, confusion and efficiency when returning to the workplace.


It is a fact that there is no source of information to confirm that the COVID-19 outbreak is generally fully controlled in the world, but only at a level well controlled within the current Vietnam. Therefore, preventive measures such as wearing masks, washing their hands frequently, maintaining general hygiene and limiting direct interaction, and awareness of protecting health for them should be maintained. many. Undoubtedly, the office will now cause some negative effects, as it appears to be “full of gunpowder scent.”, His colleagues look farther away or feel quite stressed when every person has to maintain his job and remember common safety rules. However, when it is not able to change the situation objectively, the spirit of accepting “living with the floods” of each individual is currently making a major contribution to the collective. Imagine that we are very fortunate that we provide good health, a job for us, and still participate in joint activities in the company, and we can resonate from many analytical minds. Extreme will soon create an effective “vaccine” to repel the gloomy epidemic atmosphere for months.


Your salary review period is coming soon, but does the company shrink production and lower the welfare policy? Do you have difficulty in reaching customers who are more careful in making spending decisions during this period? The boss looks more demanding, does it require more reports? Are your colleagues uncomfortable? Many difficult situations can happen in a way that is not happy, but unreasonable and difficult to predict. Whether you like it or not, most businesses, professions and employees at all levels are affected. Therefore, when we assume these challenges, proactively prepared with the spirit of “not to carry a bag of broken potatoes”, in addition to understanding the rules of up and down in life, at least we will all feel more comfortable because this is not anyone’s own business. Currently, only with a greater understanding and self-discipline can anyone develop their own life and work more than anyone else.


Love sometimes needs to learn how to express itself best in many different situations. After a mask, instead of making a friendly smile with your co-workers, you can express it from your eyes or your body language movements. right. If you are afraid to share your lunch with as many people as before, you can actively attract attention by using common chat apps to support the group to order food. While the economy is suffering more or less, you can still ask them to make some donations to help other disadvantaged people who suffer worse from the disease to spread death together. and we appreciate our life together more. Nothing can stop a loving heart, we just need to use many different ways to reproduce this love in the most accurate way.

According to the laws of gravity of the universe, more positive energy is emitted and our chances of getting better results increase. Therefore, share this article with your own thoughts on how to overcome life and work difficulties that are optimistic for your friends, colleagues and relatives. Life will soon return to normal, we all look forward to it and work to achieve it! wish you days full of health and energy to work in this brilliant “year”.


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