Diversity recruitment: How to hire more different candidates?

Every employer always wants to develop winning hiring strategies that can build a fantastic team and bring the company a competitive edge. However, whether you are a small business owner, human resources manager or CEO of a company, you will know how difficult it is to do so.

As a result, more and more employers and hiring teams have made no effort to find the most suitable, best-quality candidates for the open positions they offer. The recruitment process is mainly based on job postings on social media or worksheets and crossing your fingers to get the most capable and experienced.

In this case, the quality of the candidates is indeed vital, but it is not everything. There is another, mainly, neglected but powerful recruitment strategy: diversity.

Hiring diversity has become a hot button issue and a top priority for specialized hiring departments. More than 57% of them say that talent acquisition and recruitment strategies are designed to attract different candidates.

To keep your company relevant in this fast paced world, you need to take steps to ensure that the various candidates are part of your recruitment strategies. Research shows that companies with different workforces are more likely to outperform and innovate those that do not.

So why does diversity even have something to do with hiring strategies and why should you care? Let’s find out!

What is diversity intake?

When people refer to diversity, they often think of differences between demographic groups such as ethnicity, race or gender. In fact, it’s a much broader and more comprehensive idea than that.

The basic idea is actually quite simple: Diversity Recruitment or Diversity Recruitment is a process of building a strong, stable team that celebrates different thoughts, ideas, backgrounds, experiences and is encouraged to combine them all to create more value in our peers.

In this case, diversity transcends diversity. Inclusion and a sense of belonging can bring out the best in each individual team.

Recruitment of diversity has nothing to do with emphasis on methods of attracting new employees. All that matters is the selection of the top candidates without prejudice for or against any individual or group.

Of course, when it comes to recruiting new talent, it is still a matter of qualifying to find the best candidates. However, the recruitment process must be designed to provide all applicants, regardless of background, nationality, gender and values, with an equal opportunity.

Why is it important to be different?

Recruitment of diversity can contribute to more efficient overall business performance, productivity and innovation in your industry. In addition, these shocking numbers from the latest statistics can convince you how important it is to have different people in your company:

  • At least 67% of applicants claimed that diversity in the workplace is an essential factor when looking for job opportunities.
  • Half (57%) of current employees believe that their current workplace should increase diversity.
  • About 70% of different companies are in a better position to capture new markets.
  • More than 85% of CEOs said having a diversified and inclusive population in the workplace improved their bottom line.

I see? These fascinating numbers speak for themselves. It gives you reasons why hiring diversity is important and why you should consider applying it to your company.

To give you more information about the benefits of diversity recruitment, here are some points or benefits of having a strong recruitment strategy for more diversity candidates:

1. Cultivation of talent

A company that incorporates the benefits of hiring diversity from a larger group compared to those that do not. Their vacancies will gain interest from a wider range of potential candidates. This is because more people from different backgrounds can relate and build a more personal relationship with them.

2. Improving employee retention and productivity

Hiring diversity allows all candidates to feel welcome and accepted in the company environment. And employees who feel valued for who they are, regardless of their age, gender or nationality, are much happier and enjoy working for your company.

If you can make your employees happy doing their job, it will not only lead to more productivity, but also much less likely to leave your company soon. In other words, they will become loyal employees that you can chase for so long.

3. Increasing innovation and creativity

Having a different group, where people from all walks of life come together, makes creativity and innovation much easier. The combination of different experiences, cultural backgrounds and work styles evokes smooth new ideas and flattens teamwork. One study shows that 87% of time, gender, age and geographical diversity can lead to better decision making.

4. Strengthening the corporate name

If your company is known for its diversity, chances are more candidates are more likely to persuade you to apply. This is because they believe that your company is the right and ideal place to work. Remember that many candidates consider workplace diversity to be a critical factor when looking for work?

5. Strengthening the skills of the workforce

Recruiting diversity can also increase the range of skills, talents and experiences of your workforce. With the collaboration of ideas and thoughts from different employees, you can better understand the needs and preferences of your customers.

It facilitates you to meet the needs of individual customers. And so you can grow your business continuously.

Steps to attract different candidates:

Now, the question is: how to make the recruitment process more comprehensive to attract a different group?

Despite the benefits of having a different team in your business, hiring a different set of people is not smooth sailing – no matter how much you want to embrace diversity in your workplace.

Most of the time, many employers or employers are stuck in a routine to find the kind of people who align with their company goals and just hire more of them.

This is why we have listed some of the best practices you can apply to create a hiring strategy that can make your hiring process more comprehensive to attract a more diverse group:

1. Set goals for pure diversity

First and foremost, make sure you know what you expect from diversity by setting clear and measurable goals. These goals can help you focus on your strategies.

Try to plan ahead and measure everything before you start hiring more different talents. For example, if you want to hire more female employees, make sure you have a prescription number.

Don’t forget the schedule as well. Give the recruitment process a deadline so you can create a new, different team, saving time.

2. Strengthen your inclusive corporate brand

Your company name is extremely important to convince your different candidates that your company is a great place to work. Your corporate name can be translated into your online reputation. When you have such a different workplace and you show it, then it can attract more candidates.

Different candidates are probably looking for a company where they can feel welcomed and appreciated. In other words, they do not have to worry about their history, their gender, their race and more.

Building such a strong, inclusive corporate brand can give them comfort in the beginning, so that they can gain confidence in applying for your open positions.

3. Creating different policies in the workplace

It is absolutely crucial to have such different policies in the workplace. Everyone in your company (from employees to hiring managers) must be on the same page and be credible to play their part in the diversity hiring process.

With different workplace policies, everyone can understand and embrace more diversity. You need to include company attitudes on religious holidays or other holidays and flexibility for different employees.

Also, try to involve your current teams or employees in creating different workplace policies. It helps to give everyone opportunities to achieve their personal values. In this way, everyone can feel understood and supported in their work environment. In return, your company will benefit from a much higher retention of employees.

4 Ways to Improve Diversity Recruitment Practices

Now that you understand how to attract more diverse candidates, the next thing is to perfect your diversity recruitment strategy. In this case, one thing to keep in mind is that hiring diversity is not about practicing inclusive hiring, but also about distinguishing and surpassing your competitors’ jobs so that you have the best different candidates.

Here are some hiring best practices to improve your diversity performance and results:

1. Train and educate your current teams

Focusing on educating and educating your existing employees about diversity in the workplace is essential to developing a different culture. Even the best diversity efforts will fail if you do not reproduce a current workforce that invites and supports diversity.

You can anticipate the demands of your business so that your employees do not feel overwhelmed. Try to use workforce management software to unlock the potential of your workforce and harness the true power of your organization to its greatest advantage.

Cultural diversity in the workplace is an ideal way to start a diversity, as everyone in the team understands and is ready to embrace differences and focus on the cohesion of their peers.

It is vital that you make new employees feel welcome and work with them in no time – so they have no problem adjusting to their new office. This way, you will not only be able to attract more applicants, but also help a company build sustainable development.

2. Use social media to spread the word

Social media platforms are an ideal place to showcase the diversity of your company. With over 79% of candidates using social media in their job search, it is always best to try to create content that shows the diversity in your workplace.

It can enhance your company’s diversity brand so that more people know that your work environment is ideal and fun with many different employees from different backgrounds.

You can share images from any diversity events or any content that shows what kind of efforts the company is making to make the workplace different.

A strong and consistent presence on social media can help you strengthen your employer brand and give potential candidates an idea of ​​your company through social media content. The more you include diversity values ​​in your social media, the more candidates will be persuaded to apply to fill your vacancies. You can use different social media programming tools on the market to effectively manage your social media presence.

3. Create capture videos

Another handy way to attract more different candidates is by creating recruitment videos that also show your different employees. You can make your employees share their work experience in your company and highlight the diversity of the workplace.

These videos help potential candidates gain the confidence to apply for your different workplace. It creates a warm, welcoming environment where diversity is celebrated and every employee in your company is treated the same with dignity and respect.

You can then post your hiring videos on your worksheets or on your Career page on your site. You can also post it on social media like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and more. The more platforms you use, the more exposure you will have for the video. This content can bring you up to 34% more application rate.

Check out this diversity recruitment video from Apple to help you get some inspiration

4. Develop the approach of your candidates

If you want to reach out to different people, that means expanding your approach to your candidates. Applicants with similar background, education, experience and skill levels can use the same channels to apply for jobs.

Therefore, you need to expand your candidate search by looking for candidates on different platforms. Using social media is not enough. In the meantime, relying on worksheets alone will not do the trick.

Therefore, it is important to use different digital channels to attract different talents. Helps you reach out to candidates who may have lost your job in the past.

Final thoughts:

Having a workforce that includes different backgrounds, skills, gender and perspectives can create more powerful and rounded teams. With everyone feeling involved, it ensures that there is a wide range of ideas, experiences and skills in the office. All this then leads to better work efficiency and improved innovation of the company.

Η πρόσληψη ποικιλομορφίας είναι το κλειδί για τη δημιουργία ενός διαφορετικού εργατικού δυναμικού, το οποίο βοηθά στη δημιουργία ενός πιο φιλόξενου περιβάλλοντος. Σε αυτό το θέμα, αυτό το είδος πρόσληψης δεν θα σας βοηθήσει μόνο να αυξήσετε τα ποσοστά αίτησής σας, αλλά και να αυξήσετε τη διαδικτυακή φήμη της εταιρείας σας.

Σχετικά με τον συγγραφέα: Αυτή είναι μια θέση επισκεπτών από τον Andre Oentoro. Είναι ο ιδρυτής του Breadnbeyond, μιας βραβευμένης εταιρείας εξηγήσεων βίντεο. Βοηθά τις επιχειρήσεις να αυξήσουν τα ποσοστά μετατροπών, να κλείσουν περισσότερες πωλήσεις και να λάβουν θετική απόδοση επένδυσης (ROI) από επεξηγηματικά βίντεο (με αυτήν τη σειρά). Twitter | LinkedIn


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