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Create sympathy in the eyes of our colleagues on the first day at work

There is a famous saying, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression,” which shows the importance of the first impression you make to others, especially your lips. The school works today. Starting a new job is very difficult regardless of whether you have experience in that position, how do you create sympathy in the eyes of colleagues on the first day of work? Follow the good experiences that our website shares share below:

Scientists have shown that it takes only the first few seconds for a person to see you. In these few seconds, people evaluate you based on your words, actions, body language and behavior. It is difficult to change once you get the first impression of others. Therefore, on the first day of work, you should learn to create sympathy in the eyes of colleagues. As long as you understand the basic principles to build a good relationship with your colleagues, you will quickly gain trust and sympathy from them. If you are unsure, please see the 9 GoodCV offline tips below.

How to create sympathy for colleagues on the first day of work

  1. Trust
    This is your first day in a new company and you have to be proud to work here. Body language and gestures are very important when expressing your confidence. Staying confident and comfortable will make it easier for you to meet and get to know your colleagues and make them more comfortable when you get to know you.

Older people are always wary of new people, because they do not understand you at all, it is clear, do not stress or press yourself, show others that you are good enough. the power to work like everyone else in the company. Whether you work in a job, a position, secretary, assistant, manager, or just an ordinary employee, the confidence factor helps you claim your courage, the confidence factor is off. The decisive role.

  1. Clean and pay attention to body odor
    It sounds obvious, but this is extremely important. Before you start working, pay attention to your breath and body odor, do not put yourself too much perfume or let it smell strange. You will not have the courage to be a colleague, director or manager who is uncomfortable with messy hair, there will be no beautiful breath or other strange smell. Taking good care of your appearance is the way to respect the people around you.
  1. dress attention
    Your colleagues will get the impression of your outfit first. In order not to be confused on the first day of work due to the unsuitable dress, you should take time in advance or ask the people you know when interviewing the dress code in the company. In some places you may want to wear a tie, a white shirt with a male employee or a zippered skirt with a female employee, while in other places you can choose to wear your favorite skirt or jeans.
  2. Always smile
    Keeping a smile on your face will make your colleagues feel more intimate and familiar. A sincere smile will quickly and effectively sympathize with others.
  3. Proactively greet the names of colleagues and ask
    Don’t ask colleagues to answer. Instead, greet proactively, introduce yourself and ask your colleague’s name. They will appreciate your attention and thoughts.
  4. Listen
    When someone talks to you, focus on listening and show your attention. During the interview, try to keep eye contact and avoid distractions. This is an important basis for you to establish and maintain any relationship.
  5. Respect others
    As a good listener, it does not bother others when they speak of indispensable quality. If you want to ask something, wait until you finish the sentence or the end. Be careful not to say or do things that may disturb others. However, if someone tells you something offensive, you need to be calm and focus on good points. Remember that the words they always say reflect not themselves.
  6. Pay attention to posture and body language
    Do not ignore this nonverbal language, because it affects others faster than words. Avoid crossing your arms or rolling your eyes while someone is talking. Instead, it will evaluate your attitude, rather than nod your head or smile naturally. Make eye contact and be comfortable with you to trust your colleagues.
  1. Use Small Talk
    Small talk is short speeches between individuals that are usually private, not because of work. Do not talk about whether the weather is good or bad today. Talk to your colleagues to find a common ground for hobbies, remarkable news, or more with your family. Avoid controversial issues such as politics or religion.

Remember that the 9 details above will help you create sympathy with your colleagues from the first meeting, but remember the most important thing, always be yourself. You don’t have to force yourself because of someone’s feelings and lie to others who lie to you. Always be sure, smile and show your personality, if you treat your colleagues well, you will return to good. At work or in life, each of us should always remind ourselves, always failure is the door of success, young people are not afraid of failure, but they do not dare to do it, please always try to improve yourself. failure will be the motivation for us to improve ourselves.

The above sympathetic methods are suitable not only for the first day of work, but also for candidates preparing for an important interview. In addition to qualifications, factors such as professional skills, interview, gestures, attitude, and body language will provide many benefits if you perform well in the interview. Candidates are in the process of finding a job, impressing the employer, and preparing yourself a very professional and impressive job application, because each gap has many job applications. Sending, your CV must stand out to beat the CV.


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