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Correct marketing yourself with a job application

Your main goal when starting a job search is to make your personal information strong enough to help you get the opportunity to discuss it. However, before you get to this stage, you need to do a lot of “self-marketing” actions for resumes and cover letters – two components that determine whether to be called for a good interview. not.

One of the best ways to achieve the above goals is to create a good personal brand so you can attract employers to the jobs you love.


If you have never created a personal brand before, if you plan to mark or change your career or change a field, organize information about re-branding, your career path, and reliability, expertise and things that fit this brand.

In addition to showing what you can do and where you’re going, your personal brand will show employers what you can offer and how you can add value to their organizations.


The first step to creating or rebuilding a brand is to determine what you want the brand to represent. What kind of job would you like to have? Do you want the new job in the same role or do you want the same job in another industry? So it’s a relatively easy brand update. If you are looking for a career change, you need to spend more time and energy.

Self test. Please take the initiative to Google to check the results before starting any changes. Discover how your current information will show your career personality and ensure that this information clearly reflects where you are in your career and where you want to go next. When choosing stories to share about your achievements and aspirations, consider this from the employer’s point of view.
Planning. It is important to learn how you can get there. Does your career need to change? Need to add new skills or certificates? Or do you want to set up your personal brand and update it to better suit where you want to go next? Make a to-do list before you start. There are things we can do now in our business to position the success of our next job. If your career needs major overhaul, it requires you to spend a lot of time and plan carefully and in detail.
Improve reliability. Don’t have the skills to successfully transform a brand? If you can take some time, you can definitely acquire the skills needed to improve. There are many free or low cost classes to join and update your career skills. Once the skill set has been upgraded, join a series of freelance projects to build a portfolio of skills related to brand transformation goals. You can add these skills to your online resume and resume and link them to your cover letter.
Be careful when looking for a job while doing a job. Do not make visible changes where the boss of the current company is clearly aware. For example, if you start selling, you don’t want all your social posts to be on sale. Masterfully mix the right proportions on topics shared on social media for business purposes. If you make changes slowly and carefully, you will easily avoid the view that makes you more unfavorable.


Brand statement is a short and interesting statement about what makes you a strong job candidate. Writing a brand statement can help you capture the nature of what you want to accomplish in your next career phase. Taking the time to write your own statement also helps you focus on what you want to achieve in your branding or rebranding goals.

Add a Journey to the Resume

Adding brand expression to your CV (CV or CV) is one way for employers to know how you can add value to an organization if they are selected. Do not use the same brand statement every time you use your resume to apply for a job.

If the current brand statement isn’t the perfect answer to the job you want, take time to adjust it to reflect the qualifications employers are looking for. Like all job search documents, it is important to show the employer that you are the best candidate for the job.


Also, update your career profile online. The content does not have to be exactly the same as a resume, but it should be filled with similar information as it will be extensively checked by the employer. Take time to write a summary that includes relationship information, career interests, and content that can attract many managers.


The message you send to the employer and people in your career network should be consistent. While looking at the information you post on each social media account, don’t let them see the difference without leaving the same impression.

Consistency is important when you use social media to grow your career. Using the same professional image on various platforms will help you get to know your brand.


You may need to re-brand when considering a major change in your job or career change. But if you have a job, you should do it slowly and carefully. Of course, you don’t want to advertise to management, other employees or your company’s customers, because you have set your brand reputation and are looking for new business opportunities. By acting with caution, you will not jeopardize your current job and actively change it when ready.


The cover letter is a bridge between you and the employer. So use a cover letter to tell the story of your career focus. Write a cover letter that aims to highlight the strongest achievements and “assets” that show that you are fit for the job and persuade employers to invite you to discussions.


Re-marking is not a one-time task. Technology is changing, the economy is sometimes going up and down, the skills used are gradually changing over time, and the career aspirations of most people are adjusted in every way we work. . On average, a person can change jobs about 10-15 times throughout the entire career. Therefore, your career will change over time.

As you gain additional work experience, such as joining an organization or learning new skills, add them to your LinkedIn profile and profile. Every time you make progress, refine your job descriptions to immediately reflect where you are and where the milestones are going.

By making changes in rebranding professionally and consistently, you will be able to use your brand to promote your career in the most effective way.


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