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Comfort both sides for remote employee management

When it comes to remote team management, the purpose of time tracking and monitoring is essential. It helps leaders and executives gain a full understanding of how each project is carried out, who’s when and how their workflow is effective. However, this sometimes causes some employees to feel stressed and overly controlled when they have to constantly report and report to their managers.


“How should I implement the remote employee monitoring policy?” If you’re wondering, try some practical experiences summarized by those who watched it:

First, think about why you want to implement a time tracking policy in your company – monitoring employee productivity, managing performance, increasing sales or what else?
After determining the reason for this monitoring, look for software with the necessary features to help manage employees and provide information for your goals. Depending on your needs, you can choose applications that include basic time tracking or professional car kits, including full features from navigation, route management, tracking activities. Periodic report.

When you find the most suitable option for your company, it’s time to introduce and disseminate the policy to the employees. When introduced, it is best to add the implementation of this monitoring plan to the company’s activities in a positive way. Explain to the individuals in the group that this will help them become stronger and more responsible, and understand that those who do good work can shine and will be more clearly expressed.

After implementing the policy, test it for several weeks or a month to give team members the opportunity to provide feedback or feedback. You can also use this time to discuss more about what you have learned about model and productivity since you started remote management.


Once you find remote management software that is right for the company and you have a policy for them to follow, it’s important to create a routine that helps team members get used to the culture of work. track and watch the time in a positive way.

To lead this, give a proactive example by sharing your time and activity monitoring report with remote employees and then encouraging the entire group to share the board of directors. Functioning. Sharing timesheets publicly can help motivate employees. It also helps individuals judge their performance, efficiency and productivity compared to other team members. This encourages people to actively develop their daily routines and practices.

To promote the culture of remote management, consider ways to encourage employees to monitor their time and control their own performance. Consider organizing competitions to motivate employees to be more productive and productive, and also highlight that telework management and time tracking policy allows the company to strengthen. gives employees more information, leaving their workload free and flexible.


Consider creating an event management system and time tracking integrated into all public business processes to ensure teleworkers are compatible with time tracking.

To do this, the company should use remote employee monitoring software, through order creation, billing, or tracking when employees invest in customer projects. Some popular software like Basecamp, Github and Asana are popular options because they integrate many suitable applications at the same time, meeting the needs of employees and the company. Integration will make the task of managing time in applications extremely simple, so the company will not have to change the process to meet remote employee management.


Watching activities and watching employees work remotely can bring big benefits to large and small companies. It empowers each group to control their efficiency and outcomes. It helps executives keep track of when their teams invest in each project, internal tasks, and non-business items. This way you can better manage your operations and better understand what’s happening every day.

In addition, these tools can help administrators of remote workgroups to be more secure with security, because all jobs are monitored and recorded with screenshots according to KPI.

When implemented well, remote monitoring can have a positive impact on the company. Creating a working culture that helps managers better manage business while significantly changing the level of dedication and performance of employees.


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