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Marriage biodata is an ideal document that provides the researcher and the researcher a great way to briefly review the profile; so he can decide to show clear interest if his profile meets or does not meet your criteria or preferences. The need for an ideal marriage bio-data format is crucial to finding and searching for the ideal partner.

There are many situations that arise in the way of every person who individually changes a person’s life forever; In the event of divorce, there are many reasons that lead to the end of marriage. However, this does not mean that these people are doomed to live alone after the divorce, each has the right to live their own life. Here we give an example of the bio-data format for marriage for a divorced girl.

Bidata Format Samples;

Here are the latest bio-data for marriage;

About me:

I am a calm person who sincerely believes in the value of life without leaving aside the happiness of others, an optimistic person who will never kneel in any life situation. I have a non-profit organization that works for women experiencing violence and domestic violence, rape and acid attacks.

After a failed and abusive marriage, I decided to take this step to help women start a new life on their own.


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