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Aviation Operations Specialist Resume (2020) (2021)

Become an air operations specialist in the Army National Guard and watch your skills skyrocket. In this role, you will help to operate one of the largest aircraft fleets in the world, keeping accurate and detailed flight information and records for both flight and ground personnel.

Through training and practice in this field, you will learn how to plan and deploy tactical aircraft missions. Specific tasks may include planning flight plans and crews, coordinating flight plans, keeping flight logs and, where necessary, training flight crew and ground staff. 

They are qualified to fly aircraft and perform all types of missions in the United States Air Force, the U.S. Marine Corps, the Navy and the Air National Guard. Secure the safety of aircraft, personnel and equipment for pilots and crews and maintain the aircraft you fly. If flights require a high level of authorised authority, you must maintain flight standards, procedures and procedures, as well as flight logs and flight records.

The corresponding position description, which is available online on the FASCLASS website, contains details of duties and responsibilities. If your CV does not contain information on how to meet the GENERAL SPECIALIZED experience and other requirements, you will be left out of consideration for this position. 

You must have flown at least one US Air Force flight in the last 12 months and provided information about the flight and the flights that followed the service. Must explain your experience, training and education as they are applied to you The General Specialized Aviation Operations Specialist (GOSOS) is in this position. 

Provide the necessary administrative support to pilots in their training and support in the management of training facilities and operations for pilots. 

Aircraft maintenance and repair, and aircraft maintenance, repair and maintenance for the United States Air Force. The maintenance or repair or replacement of aircraft or aircraft components or aircraft components such as engines, propellers, landing gear, etc. 

The personnel of the Flight Operations Unit will carry out appropriate training and split unit training or assembly in the facility. A Detail – Business Professional with proven experience in aviation operations, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Operations and extensive pilot experience with the US Air Force and the United States Marine Corps. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of California, Davis, where he works with pilots. 

An experienced leader recognized for building strong customer and customer relationships and leveraging facility management and organizational goals. A strong ability to exploit unique and innovative problems – solutions to find the best jobs in aviation. 

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