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Accounts Receivable Resume Samples

This accounting-specific resume starts with a summary of payroll / receivables, budget, and employee experience.

Keywords to emphasize her specialties are listed in the section “Basic Qualifications”. The terms of inventory, cash management and financial reporting will help to appraise applicants monitoring systems and brand marketing.

She follows her professional experience, starting with her current role. Each position contains a summary describing its duties and responsibilities.

The dots follow the position summary and show the range of its achievements and contributions.

The Education section closes the resume by writing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance.

Summary of accounting experts
A capable and detailed professional accountant with experience in managing accounts payable and receivable, financial forecasting, budgeting and payroll.

The ability to identify and correct errors to ensure flawless accuracy.

I am familiar with the contribution to the goals of the team and the development of the company and active actions with a stable base of reliable and reliable indicators.

Excellent English and Vietnamese.

Special accounting experience reports
Financial department management, including budget, forecasts, payroll, payables and receivables.

The processing of payments and payroll for employees for hours and salaries and documents such as bills, magazine coupons, employee benefits and declarations.

Check the data compared with the ordered and received goods to combine the differences through monitoring with the supplier and employees.
Manage and view payroll and reports to identify possible errors by improving accounting accuracy.
Contact suppliers and customers to facilitate timely payments by reducing requirements.
Help customers meet their financial needs and refer clients to Wells Fargo partners.

He created excellent relationships with customers, strong players in the team and enjoyed the help of others.

The confidentiality of bank files and customer data has been maintained.

Balanced daily cash deposits and bank treasury reserves with a zero error rate.
Recommended additional products and services and the general benefits that customers will receive.
Investigate and solve customer problems related to personal savings, auditing and credit lines.


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