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7 resumes that make viewers laugh

When looking for a job, most candidates will find many ways their resumes can affect employers. And for the desire to stand out, it is not uncommon for people who have exaggerated efforts to advance. Accordingly, a job seeker resume (CV / resume) is the most popular tool chosen to show “flying” by the candidate. As a result, the funniest resumes were born.


Sometimes we also share some personal interests in our resume, we aim to create more images about the personality and interests in life outside of our work for employers. Sometimes hobbies are a great way for candidates to highlight the interest and hiring role of their experience.

However, since he is sometimes very eager, the candidates have a very funny boiling phase as CV below. Finally, I don’t understand, in what language is Spinach?


Basically, young candidates always have a desire to express themselves, sometimes too much to the point of being naive!

The CV above shows that the candidate himself is a very energetic, energetic and positive person. I hope this young candidate will be lucky to meet some kind of employer and of course I hope he will improve his CV writing ability soon.


And here we have a resume from an honest seller, perhaps shockingly honest!

Honesty is a virtue, but he wrote that he is running an online marijuana trade service (Marijuana) in his candidate history. As a joke, this honesty pushed the contents of the CV from a bad level to a ridiculous level and eventually showed the problem of consciousness. It is clear that the candidate has a real sales experience and skill, but this is not the kind of qualification expected by serious and serious employers.

  1. “WE HIRE HIRE US …”

In addition to insufficient informative and spelling resumes, there is nothing that proves that the candidate is in regression rather than writing a bold uppercase line at the end of the CV “HIRE ME” / “LEASE ME” like this!

If he thinks this candidate is just a beautiful decoration, nobody will think that he is creative. If you believe it looks interesting, the employer found this CV funny. Perhaps the reader knows that you are desperate because the candidate is too desperate to write his feelings! Unfortunately, the company needs to hire the right people, not for those in despair.

“43% of executives say they spend less than 60 seconds to shift CVs,” according to a study by 2100 recruiting managers conducted by CareerBuilder. Maybe the CV above has just spread a joke but if you only have one minute to influence profile browsing, would you like to choose “funny” resumes like above?

Creativity, however, needs to be vigilant, obviously new or different things are always attractive, but you should not allow enthusiasm to be “overdose” and inefficient. Undoubtedly nobody wants to have traumatic experiences, it is also funny!

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