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4 tips to help CV bypass auto record filtering system

Candidates in the process of finding a “parking lot” often feel quite under pressure when they have to prepare documents to withdraw, thinking about whether they want to send a CV to this business or another organization. therefore, apply for a position where you only reach 60% of the requirements … It will be a little more difficult to meet companies that use tracking and screening systems, not to stop there Application Tracking Systems (ATS), because you need to know a few more rules to highlight your resume.

However, don’t worry, if you understand the ATS principles and work properly, this automatic scanning system will be a great tool that allows you to show your skills. Different ways to “match” you with the most suitable role.

You understand what ATS is, then let’s join to apply for 4 things candidates need to do to quickly pass ATS and approach the opportunity to hire for an interview!


ATS works by scanning the CV to search for related keywords, and then ranking by title principle represents the content presented in detail.

However, these refining systems cannot identify titles where the entire keyword is not in the database. Therefore, instead of customizing your personal preferences, it is important to follow the standard headline rules: Work experience, Work history or Experience. specialize.

You may think that changing “Work Experience” (or “Work Experience”) to “Professional Contributions” (or “Professional Contributions”) is a way to make your CV different from your competitors. . This is true, but be careful if you are applying somewhere with an automated application scanning system. Then the difference will make you miss the opportunity to be seen by the employer.

The same thing happens when you want to add, because adding new titles to make your resume different and creative simply makes the system unable to categorize information correctly. news.

So, to be safe, you only need to focus on key issues, including work experience, education, training (or qualifications) and professional skills.


The format of the CV is one of the important factors you need to do well if you want to pass ATS. Therefore, you may want to create a little combination to show your employer the creative side of yourself, but keep in mind that ATS is more about simplicity. In other words, image designs, logos, logos, text frames and “butterfly” signs will easily confuse ATS only.

So skip the “beards” and focus on the main content. Of course, there are still companies that want to search for a CV with a creative layout in certain areas, most employers will prefer to read clear, concise resumes and confounding factors that will not be affected by it.

Also, other formatting tools, such as headers and footers, can do you more harm when used incorrectly, especially when you apply them with important information. Because some ATS will filter them. Accordingly, unfortunately, important information such as phone number, address or contact email will be completely removed in the candidate’s resume.


Each sector will have its own requirements and requirements for the field professional, qualifications and qualifications. Since these words or phrases are often associated with the skills and knowledge needed to perform the job, ATS (and employers) are usually only in this information CV.

This does not mean that every sentence you write in your CV should be abbreviated or contain technical jargon, this suggestion means that you should be careful when choosing your resume.

Using job descriptions to identify keywords and phrases is a good way to ensure that your CV is relevant, especially when most employers enter these keywords into the system. profiles, requirements, tasks, personal characteristics, etc. Scan by information fields such as.

You can also find these common phrases if you spend time researching the language used on the company’s website, social networking sites, or other communication channels like email, SMS.

Finally, to give your resumes a chance, make sure that your qualifications and titles are written in full and abbreviated formats such as “Personal Assistant (PA)”. you can filter all features by keywords.

  1. Check for spelling errors

This requirement is clearly true in any case. Because even though you are aware that spelling mistakes will always cause employers to ignore the profile, you sometimes miss some spelling mistakes or unwanted spelling mistakes. . This is explained by the fact that we often hunt the “knowledgeable” psychological trap while re-reading the content offered by ourselves. Accordingly, it will be more difficult to detect your mistakes than others.

But there is one more thing you should know: ATS is a machine system that operates with absolute precision, while HR professionals or employers visually filter their profiles, while they miss typing or “traveling”. They do not have any thoughts or sympathies, they just pass or fail. In order not to have to deal with unhappy situations or worse consequences, you need to understand this from the very beginning.

So be sure to read and review every little detail to make sure your CV always meets the layout and writing requirements. Send it to a friend to check and comment if possible. And finally, don’t be too dependent on spell check tools, because unfortunately they won’t find all the errors and they will be 100% accurate.


While the above 4 suggestions are a great way to tackle ATS, don’t overdo it! Because even though it is perfect when passing ATS, if you click on it with too many keywords or use jargon to a “illogical” or mechanizing CV, the employer can still eliminate it during reading. okay, no matter how high the CV is in the system.

Therefore, be flexible, but you need to be precise, you can adjust the CV to suit every job and optimize it with ATS, but make sure you don’t lose its meaningful content. Remember, your CV will be read by someone else. ATS ‘mission is to filter only potential profiles and is most relevant to the job being hired.

And if you haven’t received any information from the employer yet, be eager for the job by following the information tracking steps. This way, even if your CV is not chosen by ATS, there is a possibility that the employer will automatically look at and view your CV later.

Always do your best and you have the right to hope!


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